About the Pastor

Elder Smith Preaching at Wilmington Primtive Baptist Meeting House

Elder Sidney Charles Smith (Chuck) was born on May 2, 1966. He was baptized on July 7, 1978 at Beulah Church in Dawson, GA, by Elder Charles Douglas Williamson. He was ordained June 12, 1993 at Landmark Church in Rising Sun MD. He married the former Catherine Ann Gross on June 16, 1990. To this union four children were born: Caleb John Smith born on 05 October 1993, Jeremy Davis Smith born 29 August 1996, Anna Theresa Smith born 27 April 2000, and Rachel Elizabeth Smith born on 17 May 2002.

ELDER SMITH WRITES: I count myself blessed to have been raised among the Primitive Baptists. My Great Great Grandfather Elder James Hamilton Davis is listed in Elder Pittman's book. I cannot remember a time when I did not rejoice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I came under the intense conviction of sin at an early age, I had an understanding that this experience, as painful as it was, was an evidence of God's grace. Shortly after this I sought to follow my Lord in Gospel Baptism.

I recall developing in high school an appetite for the scripture. I exercised some among the Churches in Maryland and eventually found a father in the ministry in Elder James Bartlebaugh. On 18 November 1990 Landmark liberated me to exercise a public gift, and when Elder Bartlebaugh felt that he could no longer serve as pastor in September of 1992 Landmark called me to be her pastor and called for my ordination.

In 1994, I began to serve Justus Church in Scranton, PA once a month. In addition in 1998, I began to fill regular appointments in Southampton, PA.

In the Spring of 2002 Elder Andrew Huffman then pastor of Wilmington Primitive Baptist Church felt lead of the Lord to move to Tennessee. This left Wilmington without a pastor. For a few months Landmark dropped one of her three monthly meetings and we all went to Wilmington to worship there. Since Landmark had been meeting in a Grange Hall and she and Wilmington have enjoyed sweet bonds of fellowship for many years, we moved the meeting place for Landmark to Wilmington. In 2012, after ten years of working closely together, we formally merged the Landmark Primitive Baptist Church into the Wilmington Primitive Baptist Church.

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